I filed my first probate in Washington state more than 30 years ago. I understand that it is a stressful and difficult time following the death of a loved one.

In Washington, probate may not be necessary if the assets qualify as a small estate valued at less than $100,000. In many cases, particularly when there are homes or other real property involved, probate will probably be required.

Probate is a complex process, and I recommend that you hire an attorney whether you choose me, or not. I can guide you through the process and file the necessary pleadings and notices. Over the last 30+ years, I gained the experience and learned the necessary skills to help you avoid problems and represent you if they cannot be avoided.

Emotions often run high following the death of a loved one. Disputes between heirs regarding their share of the loved one’s assets as well as disagreements regarding the administration of the estate occasionally arise.
My experience includes representing trustees, personal representatives (executors), and beneficiaries in all types of trust and estate disputes. These include defending trustees and personal representatives against claims by beneficiaries and creditors. For example, I successfully represented personal representatives against:

1. ridiculous claims by creditors against the estate
2. challenges by heirs trying to remove them for mismanagement
3. bogus heirs claiming that they are beneficiaries of the estate
4. claims for breach of fiduciary duty by heirs and creditors

Probate is the legal process of transferring a person’s assets following their death. Probate can involve a will where the person’s assets are distributed according to their wishes as expressed in the will. Probate can also occur with no will. In that case, the person’s assets are distributed according to state law. The probate process in Washington typically takes 6 months to a year.
A probate may be contested or uncontested. Typically, a contested probate will involve a claim by a beneficiary that the will was not created as required by law, the deceased person was the subject of undue influence, or they lacked the mental capacity to make a will.

Numerous issues that I have faced during estate & trust disputes and probate proceedings include the following:

1. Creditor claims
2. Will contests
3. Beneficiary claims regarding the distribution of assets
4. Life insurance disputes
5. Contested heirs
6. Quiet Title Actions
7. Community Property versus Separate Property
8. Probate versus Non-Probate Property

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